Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi

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Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi est fondateur du journal Le Potentiel, homme d’affaires et sénateur au Congo-Kinshasa. Il est auteur du livre «RD Congo, la République des inconscients »

Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi, commonly known as Modeste Mutinga, is a journalist and senator of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is the publisher of Le Potentiel, which The Committee to Protect Journalists described as "the only independent daily newspaper in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo". According to Mutinga, the paper has "an agenda" of promoting economic development and democracy.
Mutinga has been threatened, arrested, and jailed multiple times on charges related to his reporting  In 1992, during the Mobutu Sese Seko era, the Le Potentiel offices were bombed. In 1998, he was arrested by authorities following an article covering the house arrest of opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi.  In January 2000, he was assaulted in New York City by the advisors of DRC President Laurent-Désiré Kabila while covering a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. 
In 2000, he was awarded the International Press Freedom Award of the Committee to Protect Journalists.  The award citation described him as "a relentless advocate for human rights" and "an inspiration to journalists throughout Africa who continue to fight against tremendous odds for freedom of expression and better governance". 


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