Trudy Marshal

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Moved by the lack of textbooks and access to libraries in rural schools, she organized the 'Donate a Library Campaign', which collected and donated 3,000 textbooks, reading books, dictionaries and writing books to rural schools in Lubombom and Lokwani. She personally organized the transportation of these textbooks from Johannesburg to the rural schools, which were distances of up to 300kilometers from the city. She has since collected an additional 3,000 books and has secured donors to donate even more books to more of such underprivileged schools in 2015.

In addition, she organized a grassroots campaign to educate families / homes on the importance of education. She organised an event to further engage young people to become actively involved in making a difference in their communities. 400 copies of the rhapsody of realities devotional for Teenagers (TEEVO) were distributed at this impactful event.

Her selflessness, dynamism and resourcefulness has ignited fresh hopes in the young people of South Africa and spurred them to aspire to greater and worthy ideals.


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