Aboubacar ‘Pastoria’ Sylla

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Aboubacar ‘Pastoria’ Sylla

Guinée – Communications and training responsible at Fédération des Organisations Paysannes de la Basse-Guinée (FOP-BG)

FOP-BG is a member-based organisation for farmers, fishermen and salt workers living in eight prefectures of Basse Guinée.

FOP was established with the aim of defending the interests of its more or less 70.000 individual members, who organised themselves in groups, unions and cooperatives.

Moreover, FOP wants to strenghten the capacities of its member organisations, to achieve this FOP has for example initiated several literacy projects for its members. Radio Rural is another initiative of FOP. With this radio station FOP wants to make communication possible between the different member organisations, radio programmes are  used as a tool for sharing information and raising awareness about different issues.

SOURCE: https://masterclassifaj2010.wordpress.com/participants-eng/

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