Souleymane Ouattara

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Souleymane Ouattara

Burkina Faso – Coordinator of Jade (Journalistes en Afrique pour le Développement)

Jade Burkina is part of Jade Africa, a professional association of journalists specialised in multimedia production, publication and communication for development, and training. Jade is a network active in 15 African countries.

Jade Burkina is active since 1994, following its acknowledgement as an association by the government administration.   The association consists mainly of journalists, but the network  opens up to other communication professionals, such as designers, traditional communicators, literacy facilitators in national languages etc.

In two regions in Burkina and in southern Mali, Jade supports, through the “rural communication and sustainable development”  programme, rural radios and community radios.  In Mali Jade experiments with using the internet to enrich the content of the “sigida yeelen” magazine about the environment,  that is produced with radio Kéné and indigenous communicators based in the villages.


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