Jean Baptiste Lubamba

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Jean Baptiste Lubamba

DRC – Journalist and publication director of  “The Voice of the Congolese Farmer” newspaper

“The Voice of the Congolese Farmer” is a newspaper published by CENADEP (Centre National d’Appui au Développement et à la Participation Populaire). This newspaper was started as a response to the lack of information to be found in the Congolese media on the issue of agricultural development and on agricultural politics. “The Voice of the Congolese Farmer” gives farmers organisations a forum to express their points of view and to share information and experiences..

CENADEP is a Congolese NGO, established in 1999, and operational since 2000. CENADEP is based in Kinshasa, but has branches in different provinces. In Bas Congo, Province Orientale and Sud Kivu these branches are already  fully operational, in the provinces of Maniema, Bandundu and Katanga, the branches are still being established. If there is no branch established yet, CENADEP will work closely together with other civil society structures.


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