Jason J Mulikita


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Jason J Mulikita
 is a Zambian artist and photographer. For him photography is not only a vocation, but a passion and a hobby which he got in to at an early age:

‘Since my childhood, I have always been on the creative side and fascinated by electronic gadgets. In 1995, I started taking art seriously and would make drawings from nature, magazines and creative imagination. I signed off all my artwork with a unique signature “JJArts” (which would later grow into “JJArts Photography”). It was with this artistic eye that I decided to buy my first analogue camera in 1998 so that I could perfect the art of capturing moments – which I termed as “Freezing time”.’

SOURCE: http://www.openzambia.com/2014/04/open-zambia-meets-photographer-jason-j-mulikita/

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