Monique Mukuna Mutombo

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Dr Mutombo, 42, who declared her candidacy in March this year thinks the time had come for a woman to be at the helm of the country.

She thinks it was time for women whose population was over 60 per cent, to rule DR Congo to change the governance narrative.

Monique Mukuna Mutombo is the lone woman in the race to replace Joseph Kabila as tension mounts in the mineral-rich but politically unstable Democratic Republic of Congo.

The poll should be held in November 2016.

The situation has been aggravated by recent actions that have been interpreted by rivals as manoeuvres by Mr Kabila to seek a third term against the constitutional limit.

A court ruling in May that authorised President Kabila to continue overseeing the affairs of the state beyond his second term that should end in December, is facing stiff opposition from his rivals, including the lone woman aspirant, Dr Mutombo.

All the five people who have already declared their interest in the upcoming election are challenging the court ruling, which they see as a travesty of justice.


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